Totem Dominates “Best Stand Mounted Speaker” of 2018 Awards

Totem Dominates “Best Stand Mounted Speaker” of 2018 Awards

Both the Signature One and Sky Monitor earned Best Stand-Mounted Speaker for 2018 from The Absolute Sound.

Both monitors had been reviewed by Neil Gader, and the following is a sample of what he had to say about both:

On the Sky Monitor: Hats off to Totem’s Bruzzese and his continuing quest to coax big-time performance from a small two-way by harnessing the virtues of speed and transparency. My forecast: I can’t imagine any music aficionado not taking to the Sky after hearing this loudspeaker. A fine and impressive effort.

On the Signature One: Having recently reviewed its smaller sibling the Sky in Issue 275, I wasn’t at all surprised that the Signature One shared a similar high-revving, high-output character that doesn’t shy away from combustible dynamic swings or the demands of orchestral bass or pop rhythm tracks. The Sig One was not merely a quick, peel-out-and-burn-rubber compact. It actually has fairly broad shoulders that impart authentic gravitas to recorded music.

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