Totem Launches New Products at CEDIA Expo

Totem Launches New Products at CEDIA Expo

Totem launched several remarkable products at this year’s CEDIA Expo designed to evoke emotional responses from passionate music lovers of all experience levels, ranging from young listeners to long time high-end audio enthusiasts.

A trio of new products are joining the highly successful, attractively priced KIN Series, aimed at the younger generation of music lovers. First up is the KIN AMP, Totem’s first-ever integrated amplifier. This elegant, compact amplifier offers 2 x 100 watts of clean power and springs to life with a cool touch capacitive display. The KIN AMP is capable of wireless streaming via Bluetooth aptxHD and provides a full suite of analog and digital inputs. The KIN Play Mini is essentially an all-in-one music system that’s slight in stature but gigantic in sonic excitement. Equipped with Bluetooth aptx HD for wireless streaming in CD quality, a phono input for your turntable and other inputs for sources like your gaming console, there is no limit to the sonic adventures the KIN Play Mini speakers will take you on. Finally, there is also the KIN Monitor bookshelf, a speaker far mightier than its diminutive dimensions will have you believe. With a thunderous excitement, gigantic imaging and great immersion, it’ll have you singing and dancing in no time.

Another first-for-Totem category revealed at the CEDIA Expo is called Solution Bars. This series consists of two sophisticated sound bars, the Tribe Duo and Tribe Trio, designed to immerse TV viewers deep into the on-screen action of their favorite movies and TV series. Designers will appreciate them for the sleek, slim cosmetic appeal, while every family member will love them for their expansive sound field, vibrant harmonics and gripping presence. Both models are passive designs that allow you to connect your choice of amplifier to achieve far greater quality of sound than traditional active sound bars. As their names imply, the Tribe Duo houses two channels (left and right), while the Tribe Trio is outfitted with three channels (left, center and right).

Rounding out the new product introductions at the CEDIA Expo, is a brand new compact yet dynamic bookshelf speaker called the Skylight. Infused with the Sky model DNA, this speaker features a 5.75” woofer derived from the highly regarded Sky Tower, combined with a customized 1” tweeter and offers a huge musical dimensionality. Designed to produce a dynamic and immersive sound, it will emotionally involve you in the listening experience. Check out all the new models on

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