Award Winning Duo

Award Winning Duo

Totem dominated Absolute Sound’s Editors Choice awards, as Sky Monitor and Signature One jointly won “Best Stand Mounted Speaker” of 2020.

Both monitors had been reviewed by Neil Gader, and the following is a sample of what he had to say about both:

On the Sky Monitor: Totem’s Sky is proof that high-performance audio happens in all sizes, shapes, and segments. The message that most resonates is that listening to a small-footprint compact doesn’t condemn the listener to a diminished musical experience.

On the Signature One:  Devotees of the two-way monitor, myself included, have always wrestled with the inherent limitations of this segment of loudspeakers. However, Totem Acoustic continues to push hard against these boundaries, continually widening the performance envelope of the small speaker and raising the expectations of aficionados. The Signature One is the widest expression of Totem’s grand quest thus far.

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