Skylight seduces Stereophile

Skylight seduces Stereophile

Add Stereophile to the ever-growing list of Skylight advocates.

The diminutive speaker with enormous acoustic projection has often been lauded for its ability that belies its size.  Many have raved at length its remarkable bass ability.  More still about the encompassing, three-dimensional soundstage.  Stereophile did as well.  They also had effusive praise for Skylight’s clarity, pacing, and sense of rhythm.

Stereophile further described their experience with Skylight in a very unique, creative manner. To them, Skylight “popped open like a bottle of mousseux, radiant and sweet, with a limber undercurrent of bass energy that filled out the bottom end and warmed the room.”

Rather than comparing the listening session to that of other speakers, Skylight was compared to a fine French bubbly.  Perhaps because Skylight are simply incomparable to other speakers.  Find out for yourself and drink in the effervescent Skylight at your local totem dealer.

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