Superlatives for Skylight

Superlatives for Skylight gave their newest reviewer the opportunity to review our Skylight.  His take had more superlatives than any review in recent memory.

Performance was summarized as “Pure and natural, these speakers will not lie to you.  Skylight presents the instruments as they should sound”; “Full, fast mids and bass, quite incredible”; “Sparkle and excitement”; “Pinpoint and good separation, big soundstage authority in the mids.”   Skylight was appraised as a “Fantastic deal to actually get veneer at this price point” and “Excellent choice for those looking for a mini monitor.”

We know Skylight is a remarkable mini monitor, and critics agree.  Audition them at your local dealer today and experience the emotional, gripping, magic spell cast by Skylight.

Check out the the full video review here

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