Expressive power


KIN speakers have plenty of punch but if you desire more boom in your room, KIN Sub can bring it.

KIN Sub is Totem’s bass grenade, compact like all KIN speakers but unbelievably explosive.  The combination of a customized 150 watt amplifier working unison with a 8” Ballistic Carbon Fiber Woofer results in a controlled ferocity of thunderous bass.

KIN Sub is ready to serve.  It provides peak performance wherever it’s placed because it has a sealed cabinet and an angled baffle that enhances bass projection.  An array of input options ensures its going to connect to whatever you have, new or old, amp or powered speaker.  And once KIN Sub is connected and situated, volume, crossover, and phase controls let you tune it perfectly to your room and personal taste.

There are so many reasons to add a KIN Sub to your system, and no reason not to.

Listen closely and you can hear the mantra rise from the streets.  We are young.  We are fun.  We are KIN.


USD $500.00 / Each

Design Highlights

  • Fully sealed casing for any conceivable placement
  • ½ cubic foot in volume
  • Exquisite cabinet design and finish (satin white or satin black)
  • Sturdy anti-skid aluminum feet included
  • Magnetic grill

Technical Features

  • Full 8-inch carbon fiber cone
  • Extreme performance driver
  • Full phase (0-180) adjustability
  • Extended frequency ability
  • Outstanding dynamic performance and bass extension (-3 dB – 29 Hz)
  • Hi/low pass audio connections for full flexibility
  • Crossover bypass


Frequency Response 29 – 200 Hz (in-room)
Driver 8″ / 20.32 cm rigid, non-flexing Carbon Fiber Cone
Passive radiators N/A
Chassis Sealed
Dimensions (w x h x d): 9.5″ x 11.25″ x 11.5″ / 24.13 x 28.575 x 29.21 cm
Amplification 150 W
Weight 23.7lb / 10.8kg

8” Ballistic Carbon Fiber Woofer

The pure polymer impregnated carbon weave is extremely strong so it maintains its perfect shape through punishing bass output.  It is also incredibly light so it reacts instantaneously.   Coupled to a high compliance rubber suspension, the cone motion is perfectly controlled for the best possible transient response and clarity. The overall result is thunderous, fast, tight bass.

150 Watt Amplifier

This amplifier was designed specifically for the KIN Sub to provide the perfect amount of power to masterfully control the woofer, ensuring it reacts with clear, peak performance, and thoroughly charge a room with deep, powerful bass.

Sealed Enclosure and Angled Baffle  

A sealed cabinet can be placed anywhere without affecting its performance.  KIN Sub can be placed close to walls out in the open, or even hidden in a cabinet and still perform perfectly. The angled front face pitches bass higher into the room for added presence.


KIN Sub is equipped with a variety of inputs and outputs to cover every connection option. Line level (RCA stereo & RCA LFE) inputs and outputs mean they can be connected to every modern home theater receiver, stereo amplifier, or powered speaker.  High level (Speaker Wire) inputs and outputs handle more classic systems.  Any method works and will result in powerful bass output.

Audio Controls  

The Volume control adjusts the overall output of the subwoofer so the exact amount of bass desired can be added to the system.  The crossover control perfectly blends the subwoofer range of frequencies to the main speakers for balanced bass performance. Phase is a very fine-tuning effect that will tweak the tightness, speed, and naturalness of the bass.